Fishing Licenses for tribal members.

The following is information is from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's website, which is located at

Free Sport Fishing License - Low Income Native American NO FEE Available for any American Indian or lineal descendant who is a resident of the State, 16 years of age or older and whose total annual income does not exceed the specified annual income levels for the number of people living in the household. Certification by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (B.I.A) or proof of being on a tribal registry is required. Verification of income on Form FG371 is required annually. The Free Sport Fishing License for Low Income Native Americans is only available at CDFW License Sales Offices.

Below is a 2015 FREE LOW INCOME NATIVE AMERICAN SPORT FISHING LICENSE APPLICATION, FG371 Form. Please note Applicant must include a photocopy of their driver's license or DM/V/ID along with their form. The Agency will certify whether or not the applicant is of American Indian or lineal descendant then return their application.

See license application form.